William, Kate & Harry visit UNICEF at Glasgow 2014, on July 29,2014.

I’m away on Monday and someone who was meant to be my friend who always cancels on me cancelled Friday, yesterday and moved to today said to meet at 7. I stood for half an hour phoning and texting now I’m walking home in tears like a fucking idiot

Was in Glasgow today thank fucking god glasgow green is miles away from where I was. Id actually checked about this morning and didn’t see anything about royals being about and was about to get upset!

Pulled a sickie last night, of course on my way to bus stop I see a delivery driver. Don’t think he saw me (or at least hoping)

beeenu said: can you please do a prince harry and kate middleton spam?? please! :)) love your blog. x

Oh my thank you I’ve never been asked to do a spam before! I will get it sorted during the week :)

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Anonymous said: My favourite movie is... I guess "Catch Me If You Can" with Leonardo DiCaprio. It's a really good movie! It's George's 1st birthday! Did you like the pictures? Have a great day! -SA :)

Euugh I’ve been DYING to watch that for years :( I can’t find it anywhere.

Ah I loved them did you ?

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This opening ceremony is making me cringe being Scottish


Queen Elizabeth II has arrived at Kensington Palace for Prince George’s birthday.


Celebrations begin for Prince George’s birthday at Kensington Palace! #princegeorgebirthday

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