So dinner with dad went okay got a bit tense and now at the pub having a few Morgans, still pretty uninterested in my relationship but I tried

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Anonymous said: Hello SA here! Sorry i haven't been around for a while, I'm off next week so I'll be able to message you more frequently!! What is your favourite movie? Have a great day! -SA :)

Hello there! Uhm my favourite movie I honestly don’t know :( whats yours ?

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"You only hear about the guys who die, you never hear about the injuries. This is to say thank you. So to give this opportunity to all these guys who have been injured & managed to survive thanks to the amazing medical care we have nowadays, I think that’s a really powerful message to send to everybody."

Prince Harry at Bethnal Green Academy talking about the Invictus Games.

Source: Emily Andrews/Twitter

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all these young people in the Invictus Games tag on twitter are talking about how they met Prince Harry and how they’re so pumped about the Games and promoting it and thanking Prince Harry for his inspiration and I’m just sitting here like


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A man and his motorcycle.

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Lying in bed on my side and picked up my tea, spilled it and burnt my arse :(

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RIP James Garner (April 17th 1928 - July 19th 2014)

Told my fiancé that when he tries to force me to watch a horror movie with him and family it makes me feel bad because he knows I hate them his reply is I can watch something else in the room. What an ass face

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Prince Harry’s Alphabet  

IInvictus Games

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